hi here i am

August 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Hi. I’m B(ee). I have a social media addiction.  I’ve had many blogs in the past, but not recently, or very near recently.  I’m an artist, which means sometimes I do creative things, but mainly I start things and then put them in my closet until my boyfriend makes me clean it out and I cry about how much I care about the just-started project that I forgot about.  And then he makes me watch an episode of Hoarders for “inspiration” and I’m just enough inspired to go through one shoebox, and then I’m back to hating organizing. Or tumblr, whichever happens first. Usually tumblr.

I live in Maryland, which is a state that most people don’t care about, and therefore its inhabitants are really hardcore about being from it.  My boyfriend and I have cats together and we bring them into regular conversation with other people way too much to be healthy.  I talk too much and often about mundane things or by starting in the middle or at the end of a long thought.  I’m on the short side of normal height, and have a lot of freckles for a non-redhead.

I am about to quit my job, on purpose. Recession be damned.

Those are all things about me.


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