walkin’ and rantin’

August 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’m in the home stretch of finals week, so a fluff post it is again for you. I took a walk around my neighborhood just now, partly because I could feel my blood congealing in my butt and partly because clearly I was just on Facebook anyway so I may as well procrastinate in a productive, not-staring-at-a-screen type of way. I was walking fast because it helps shake the congealiness out and also because it was dusk and my neighborhood seems to have an unusually high number of men (of all ages and races) who like to wear beaters and hang out of trucks hollering at girls walking alone at dusk. I get all angry and ranty when I walk fast, regardless of how I was feeling at rest, so by the end of my walk I was on FIRE. I had mercilessly cut down my (imagined) opponents with the cleverest quips and phrasing, and if anyone was there I would totally have laid into them and they would have regretted ever turning on me.

J/K because I’m missing at least three synapses that connect my brain to my mouth. I think, actually, that those synapses detached themselves from my mouth and snaked on down to my fingers at a very early age, leaving me red-faced and stammering in real life, but smooth talking and quick-witted on the page. Or screen. Technology.

Anyway the moral of the story is, I’m really brilliant when I’m alone; it’s just when I get around other people that I become the (lovable?) mess as everyone seems to know me.


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