Post Script for the Night

October 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

So, when I walked in to work at the theater at which I am a house manager*, it had been lightning-ing with threat of rain. A few minutes after I stepped inside, it was MONSOON SEASON with threat of tornado. From the moment the first act went up til after the third act came down, the skies were completely dry. As soon as I got my coat to head out the door, it was monsooning again, and stayed that way through my entire white knuckled** drive home. In the minute it took me to park and grab my things, out was as if the rain never was. It’s now pouring again.

WTF Maryland, W.T.F.

*I could (and let’s be honest, probably will) write an entire post on the differing job titles I hold/actively pursue. Freelancing, man. It’s not for the one trick pony.
**I don’t do lightning, y’all. And don’t even talk to me about tornados. We don’t talk about tornados here at this blog.


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