Things That Are Happening Currently

October 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

1) I am writing this from my new phone that I HATE (just you wait til tomorrow little bugger, the iPhone goes on sale and I’m still within my 14 days!)*

2) The first show I’m really excited about having designed goes up in a week**

3) Our living room is currently in our kitchen and bedroom because Mr. B is in the process of giving us sweet new floors/himself some horrible lung disease I’ll have to deal with in 40 years
3a) The cats are mad

4) School starts tomorrow and I haven’t ordered my book yet

5) I got an amazing opportunity job that forced me to burn every bridge I built this fall. (Thankfully all those bridges admit they would make the same choice so no hard feelings.)

6) Autocorrect probably just made this post RIDICULOUS
6a) This phone utilizes “swype” technology and actually it’s kind of awesome

7) I’m at work right now

*Great now I feel guilty for making the phone feel bad. Its not your fault you were made by a third rate company riding on HTC’s tails!
**Have I mentioned yet that I’m a costume designer? That will happen. You’ll catch on.



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