January 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

Seriously this is huge.

Mr. B and I had a very serious talk the other night about the fact that I am jobless and not doing much about it, and it struck me that the only thing I can actually remember finishing of my own accord that no one forced me to finish* was a frame I painted last year in my lofty and, clearly unfinished, goal of finishing all my unfinished projects. So yeah, that was a bad feeling.

So I’ve been riding that wave of guilt and energy and white-knuckled desperation stemming from the moths in my wallet for the past two days, and damn if I don’t have something to show for it. I’ve applied to jobs, applied for scholarships, and upcycled a whole dress! Take THAT future etsy shop that doesn’t exist yet!

Now I just… have an entire closet** more to go.

*ie teacher for a class, best friend who will only be pregnant for so long so I damn well better finish that maternity dress, etc. etc…
**I just spent a lot of time trying to make my phone camera picture pretty enough to show you, but it just made me sad about my stolen camera. Next time, when I’m feeling stronger…


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