Week 2 of Too Many Jobs: Update

February 14, 2012 § 1 Comment

Hello my lovelies. We have officially begun week two of too many jobs, and thus far this is what I can surmise:


  • working within my skillset and feeling awesome about it
  • remembering how much I like to mess around with graphics and code (what’s that, blog? you need a design? WELL GET IN LINE)
  • having a reason to get up early
  • gettin’ paid
  • work pants
  • being set up to fail by a boss (only one though) who thinks he or she hired me for something completely different than what I said yes to
  • getting up early
  • not gettin’ paid

So yes. I am having some trouble with one of my jobs.  Enough trouble to actually leave said job and pursue another? Perhaps. I’ll let you know on pay day. It is currently of my opinion that the way employees are treated in this particular establishment is clashing against my high self esteem and sense of self worth in regards to the quality of work I do.  I have absolutely no desire to be upwardly mobile within this specific sect of work society, but that doesn’t stop me from being frustrated when I am not allowed to do well because I have a lack of materials, training, and previous knowledge and made no claims to have as such. Anyway that’s all the bitching I’ll do tonight. It is nice to only have two days of a crappy job, rather than five, and to not have all my eggs in said crappy job’s basket. It’s quite freeing, actually. Especially when my other twenty jobs are pretty much the bomb diggity.

Also, is there an excess of two-day-a-week tech writery/graphic designery jobs on the market or have I just been lucky? Ooor am I just lucky that I’m the only person in the world who actually prefers two-day-a-week desk jobs?

Also: OMG I HATE WORK PANTS. I had forgotten. But now I remember. Oh, how I remember.


When It Rains It Pours

February 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

So remember that time when I had no job, no prospects, and no money?  Well that’s old news. Now I have way too many jobs, some prospects, and, well, okay so that last part is the same.  I knew applying to twelve jobs in one day, and then five more jobs over the course of the rest of the week may result in an eventual avalanche of part time, but I needed the monies, and I needed them ASAP.  So then I secured a part time job, and then I secured another, and then another started paying me so I was motivated to work for them more often, and so on and so forth until today. Today I got a call from a temp agency that I forgot I had applied to, asking me if I could meet in an hour to go over the specs of a potential job. I could, so I went, and from there I went straight to the potential office for an interview. I got it, and now we’re debating $$ and days.  It’s only a four week gig, but it’s a really well-paying gig that I am exactly qualified for, so I don’t want to lose any other source of income, but this is something I would very much like to be a part of.  Cue balancing act.

To illustrate the wall of ish that I am suddenly facing, let me break down my current freelance career for the month of February.  I am presently working:

*As a house manager at a local theater (Friday nights and Sunday all day, if there is a show going on. Which there will be at the end of this month)

*As an assistant, stitcher, and social media manager for the design studio I very well may one day run (10-4 or 5, once or twice a week)

*As a business and proposal assistant at a healthcare IT company (9-5, twice a week)

*As the main reservation line for a B&B in Harpers Ferry, WV (paid per booking, so technically on call all the time)

*As the social media manager for the same B&B (paid hourly, I make my own hours)

*Soon-to-be a web designer for a family friend (I’ll make my own hours)

*As a merchandiser for the company my mom works for, that I have also worked for on and off since I was a teenager (once a week, for about an hour)

So yeah I mean, it’s a lot. But I haven’t quite figured out the balance of the feast or famine lifestyle of the freelancer, so when work comes, I takes it. At the moment, very few of my jobs are art-related, but that’s because school is such a game changer. If I know I’ll be doing art 24-7 by the end of the year, I’m more comfortable taking non-art jobs. Also, I need the cash, y’all. What with possible moving to new cities and weddings and whatnot.

😀 weddings. Squee, etc.

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