Hi, No, I’m Not Back

April 13, 2012 § 1 Comment

Newsflash: Having five jobs sucks.

Ummm but to be clear: not as much as not having any jobs. And not as much as having one job that makes you come home at lunch and cry. Both of which were true for me within the past eight months. So there’s that.

I’m taking a swift break from being productive (?*) to not promise you anything, because when it comes to blogging I can be like the deadbeat dad I never had, all broken promises and no cards on your birthday.  In the mean time, here is a pictoral representation of some awesome things that are NOT job related…

celebrating Holi


New York

cherry blossoms

Aaand here are some that are.

the studio

a burgeoning arts district

my makeup station

Work pants are still the worst, though.

*I’m currently forcing myself, kicking and screaming, to actually sit down and apply for scholarships. Asking for free money should not be this hard, y’all. It just should not. But hey man, needing five jobs sucks.


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