Friday Link Roundup

August 10, 2012 § 1 Comment

Okay so I might have a problem. I am completely and utterly addicted to blogs. And NPR. And pretty much any and all venues of interesting tidbits possible in our modern world.  But I mean, it’s all so interesting!  The running jokes of my life are the phrases “I heard on NPR the other day…” and “according to [blogger I have never met but consider a close personal friend]…”

So in the interest of putting my energies to a good cause, A) actually blogging regularly (what!) and B) maybe giving my facebook newsfeed a break (who are we kidding), I’m starting a new weekly link roundup, of all the stuff that was just super awesome that I found in my travels. And by travels I mean smartphone.

So here we go!

The NPR Planet Money Team strikes again with a fantastic and informative graphic about how the poor (me), the middle class (me + a couple years), and the rich (me + the lottery) spend their money.

One of my personal heroes*, Meg Keene, talks on A Practical Wedding about balancing making art with making a living.  Meg on Art and Commerce

As a (somewhat neurotic) person who has a tendency to not reach out to people who are hurting because I’m afraid of hurting them more with my words, this post on Any Other Woman was a bit of a wake up call.  Simple Acts of Kindness

Fashionista discusses the new scoring system that rates fashion companies on their sustainability. Slowly but surely, the fashion world is starting to evolve.

My darling dear friend, Z, on the fact that, hellz yeah, we are the masters of our own fate. THIS IS A REAL FRIEND PEOPLE I HAVE REAL FRIENDS

*sorry Meg, you’re not my only hero, but you are one of them. Let’s just say you show up fairly often on my Facebook page, and leave it at that**

**my God I am such a creep


Hey I Did That Thing I Was Avoiding

August 9, 2012 § Leave a comment


Talking About Thinking About Doing Stuff

August 7, 2012 § 2 Comments

I am currently sitting here, stretching, watching the Olympics, and actively avoiding doing several somethings I should have done a week ago. I don’t know what triggers it or why I get this way, but it’s like I suddenly become allergic to whatever task I need to do, especially if it’s tardy. I can’t look at it, I can’t think about it, I certainly can’t just sit down and do it.

Ok actually I know exactly what triggers it. Whenever something is late, my brain HATES it. It’s a shameguiltspiral that I just don’t want to deal with. Which is weird because I mean, I’m late A LOT. This lateness is usually reserved for my personal life (late 90% of the time, every time) but every once and again I wait too long on a project or a promise and the due date I’ve set for myself comes and goes, and suddenly that task, no matter how small, is simply untouchable.

This is pretty much exactly what happened last week. After my eight months of insanity, I was just. So. Tired. I deserved a break! Just a couple days where I could come home after work and NOT USE MY BRAIN. Oh and how lovely that was. But then a couple days turned into two weeks and suddenly I hadn’t finished all the stuff I was supposed to two weeks ago and it was JUST TOO LATE.

I don’t know. I always get to the point where I realize I’m being ridiculous and I just sit down and do the damn 5-10 minute task, but tonight is just not that night. Maybe tomorrow morning.

Yeah, tomorrow morning sounds good. I’ll probably be a much more motivated, accomplished professional by then.

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