May 28, 2014 § Leave a comment

Last night I wrote a despairing and angry post about the kind of world we live in, that needs such a thing as #yesallwomen to bring to light its repressed atrocities, but I published it privately because I knew it wasn’t exactly my whole feeling on the subject. (Update: I just opened it up because I feel more comfortable with another more hopeful post to even it out, and regardless of my nervousness to show it to the public, it’s still true of the other side of my feelings.)

Then this morning I (along with the rest of the DC Theatre community) got news that one of my actors, a sweet and beloved man throughout the community, was brutally attacked about a half hour after I saw him last night and now lay in the emergency room with terrible injuries to his face and head. And as shocked and upset as I was to hear of this random and violent crime, the outpouring of love, well-wishes, and community strength that I have witnessed today gave me new feelings of hope and fondness for the community I call mine.

On my drive home today, I was listening to NPR’s news cycle flipping almost solely between the stories coming out of Isla Vista and our own human interest story here in DC, and I just started crying. I was tired, and frustrated, and sad, and afraid for where our world is going. But then I really started thinking about the future, the little people now who will someday own it, and the amazing men and women I know who are raising them.

And it reminded me of my friend who, years ago when we were much younger and more ignorant, learned that another close friend had been assaulted, and his immediate reaction was to join the campus chapter of RAINN and begin speaking to other young men like him who were unaware how much power they had in their hands to help stop sexual violence, or even had no idea what constitutes as harassment or rape. And another friend, whose response to the events of the weekend is to offer a free self defense class to anyone who will show up. And my parent friends, who I am perpetually in awe of, who are raising little men and women with grace and love. Every little boy I know well is sweet, and caring, and empathetic, because that is how his parents are raising him. They are the kind of little boys who aren’t afraid of their own feelings, and can spot a person’s hurt from across the room. Watching them interact with the world around them fills me with hope that they will carry this sweetness and sensitivity into their adulthood, and that they aren’t alone.

The beautiful, sweet, proactive people in the world exist, and they are working to make the world better, one person at a time. It’s something I have to cling to so I will leave the house, but at its core I believe it is true.


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