What’s a Sleep Schedule

May 31, 2014 § Leave a comment

I have an altered circadian rhythm (self-diagnosed), and I’m a workaholic and a procrastinator, so my nightly schedule is naturally a little odd. Mr. B has a new job that requires him to be up before me for the first time basically since we’ve been together. I’ve gotten about 9 hours of sleep in the past two days combined. Today is the first day in recent memory where we have NO plans or requirements.

All these factors led me to coming home, seeing that Mr. B was napping, shoveling carbs into my face because for some reason I always eat like someone is going to take it away from me, teasing a still sleeping Mr. B that he will regret sleeping so long later, laying down next to him, and passing out. At 7:30pm.

And now it’s 4am and we’ve both been awake for a half hour. I just put on pajamas and fed the cats. The fat one politely waited until we were awake, but once we were, all bets were off. At one point he was gripping the floor and yowling like his stomach was collapsing in on itself. (Our delicate flowers get fed 3x a day. He was fine.)

We did this once before, vacationing in New Orleans. We had what amounted to an 8-course meal if you count the bottle of wine, because New Orleans. I almost cried as we waddled back to our hotel (“I think I’m going to lose it..” “NO! THAT WAS A REALLY EXPENSIVE MEAL YOU ARE KEEPING IT”) and we were both passed out cold by 8pm. Then we woke up at 4am and battled each other in Pokemon and watched Silent Library on MTV for 6 hours. It may have been my favorite part of that vacation.


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