Perfect Weekend

June 3, 2014 § Leave a comment

This past weekend was the kind of weekend where I got to pretend I was a normal (read: non-theatre) person and it was perfect. Saturday was busy with all relaxing things: a self defense class on the mall at my alma mater, brunch with my best ladies, a movie to kill some time in between, and a cookout/housewarming to finish the night. At the housewarming I was pulled into a few conversations with current theatre people and we did that instinctual thing where we only talked about work even though it’s not everything we have in common, and one with an ex-theatre person where I felt awkward talking about theatre but didn’t know what else to say, and finally with the beautiful people I call my dearest in which we cracked up for over an hour over every kind of joke that can be made with a stale baguette as a prop.

Sunday was Mr. B’s and my first wedding anniversary, and it was gorgeous out and much cooler than the same day last year. We picnicked at the lake where we got engaged, took a walk, took some pictures, and I didn’t even think about work. Even when we got home and parted ways for a few hours I didn’t think about work. Then dinner on the grill in our little backyard with our last unopened wedding gift (a bottle of sweet champagne), our cake top (still delicious), and the playlist my friend made for our wedding cocktail hour in the background. It felt good to pretend weekends are always like this: relaxing and perfect and in love.

But then today it was back into work mode, back into show mode, back into prepping and planning for too many things at once mode. Back to getting home when many people are starting to get ready for bed. And the worst part is, I love it. I love them both. I can’t imagine my life without either of those sides of it, and wish I could have more time to focus on both.

I long to have a life where doing laundry, going to the grocery store, seeing loved ones, and catching an unplanned movie with friends are not foreign concepts. But then I get that thrill when a design suddenly *works* and everything begins falling into place, or when I find or finish the perfect piece that makes me want to step back and say, “Oh HELL yes.”

It can be a major problem when too many things in your life make you happy. But I guess of all the problems to have, that’s not the worst.


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