Caution: Whine Without Cheese

June 12, 2014 § 1 Comment

I am frustrated today. 

It is becoming increasingly clear that I am a “boss” character at the day job, meaning my coworkers are becoming closer to each other while I am strictly an at-work friend.  This would be perfectly fine since I *am* a boss character, but since my promotion had no money behind it and I make roughly the same salary as a high school dropout, I find it frustrating to also suddenly have no peers.  

I find it frustrating that regardless of the fact that I often work 80+ hour weeks between my multiple jobs, I currently have less than $100 in my bank account.  Because I am always waiting to be reimbursed, waiting to be paid, waiting waiting waiting and all the while working working working. And I am terrified that I will never be in a secure place to start a family because of my work. 

I am burned out, and I am stretched too thin, and I am frustrated with all of my (currently 4) jobs.  I am often lauded for being a miracle worker, with time, with budgets, with any and all constraints lobbed at theatre professionals all the time.  But today I don’t want to be a miracle worker. Today I just want to sleep, and hang out with my husband, and maybe clean my house so I can find things like important files and my keys when I need them.

That’s all.


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