June 19, 2014 § Leave a comment

So exactly one week ago tomorrow morning, I realized I hadn’t had any coffee for almost 24 hours, and decided on a whim to just go with it. A week later, I have had a few teas but no coffee, I am definitely sleeping better, and it is getting HARDER EVERY DAY.

I also had some subconscious nudging in the form of this article, which blew my mind regarding insomnia and creativity. Maybe the reason I feel crazy and run down all the time IS BECAUSE I’M CRAZY AND RUN DOWN.

But I fall to the insomniac side of the spectrum naturally, and am the kind of rapid-thought, unfocused, energetic person who really shouldn’t be ingesting uppers anyway. Even before this week I had discovered by trial and error that I absolutely and definitely cannot have caffeine after 4pm. 3:45 is ok, but 4:01 and I’m up til 5am. So I’m soldiering on without my favorite morning/early afternoon pick-me-up, but I am not kidding this addiction thing is HARD.

When I was in college I remember thinking “I could have caffeine, but I’d rather just sleep.” AND THEN DOING THAT. I didn’t get addicted until my day-job-from-hell-that-got-me-my-401k-and-pre-Obamacare-health-insurance-so-really-no-regrets. I would get boredom/cabin fever/I hate my boss coffee like 5 times a day, no wonder I was basically having a nervous breakdown when Mr. B finally begged me to quit for all our sanity. (Which I did, thankfully, and therefore retain my friendships and family ties.)

Then the studio runs on coffee. We gather around the pot in the morning to mentally prep for the day, and it is emptied and refilled all day long. So this week was rough. But it’s 11:30 and I’m in bed, which is basically a miracle.

So here’s to another coffee-less week with preferably less yawning, and to maybe even regaining some creativity and clarity. That would be really nice and make art feel worthwhile I think.


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