Dear America

July 1, 2014 § 1 Comment

And I mean all America: Conservatives, Liberals, everybody who reshares easy to digest memes without bothering to look up the source material, so like, Everybody.

The correct response to someone pointing out a hole in your argument is not: “Well exca-yuuuuuuuuse me for being SLIGHTLY INACCURATE you liberal/conservative swine but YOU ARE NOT LISTENING TO ME!!!”

The correct response is, in fact: “Oh. Hm. I see.”

You may choose to continue on with the discussion or leave it at that, but the first part is Acting Class 101: inhale, internalize their words, respond. If you’re already thinking of your next line while your scene partner is talking, you’ve already lost your audience before you open your mouth.

I am so bored with that method of political theatre; it has so clearly jumped the shark. I’m ready for a new show.


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