July 22, 2014 § Leave a comment

You’d think by my blog that I was the dark, broody, Angel in the first seasons of Buffy type. But in my every day life I’m pretty upbeat. Heck, I quit coffee and it HELPED. So to prove this I’m going to tell about today, in which, after months of stress and sleeplessness and seemingly thankless hard work, I attended my first opening since May, and my first opening of My Summer in Which I Said Yes to All the Things (Subtitle: But Actually I Said No to Three Things So I’m Doing Better Than Before.) And during my attendance at this opening night party, which is a new thing for me because for some reason I only want to have the hard parts of what I do with none of the fun parts, I was kind of showered with praise. It was strange, and nice, and made me feel like, Yeah, I am a damn good designer! This is a feeling that only takes root sporadically, after which I cling to its memory until it happens again.

So here I cling today, to a happy feeling and a satisfied sense of a job well done. And I’ll try to remember in tech next week, that this is why I’m in it.

I tell stories, and I make people look damn good. That’s what I do.


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