Sick day

January 4, 2015 § Leave a comment

Everyone in the house is sick, Mr. B and roomie have colds and I am lady-sick. I have elected to walk to 7-11 because it’s supposed to be good for me or something. A phone call.

Him: Hello?
Me: I’m just thinking ahead here… How mad at me would you be if I asked you to pick me up from 7-11?
Him: What?
Me: I’m still in the neighborhood… But I’m thinking about the walk back.
Him: But you’re on an adventure! [Note: He is quoting me here. I deserved that.]
Me: …
Him: If you’re still in the neighborhood why don’t you just turn around and get in your car?
Me: I want to walk!
Him: …
Me: So you’re not going to pick me up, then.
Him: I’m having a really hard time feeling bad for you. You’re on a walk that you volunteered for, and you haven’t even left the neighborhood, and you’re falling apart.
Me: And I put on too many layers. I’m hot.
Him: …Good talk, coach. See you out there.

You win this round, Mr. B.


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