Packing Memories, Pre-Move

July 29, 2015 § Leave a comment

As we prepare for our impending move halfway across the country, we are trying to pare down and consolidate all the things we have acquired over the course of our combined 6 decades of life. This includes getting rid of hardback books that we also bought in kindle edition, returning all the things we(I)’ve borrowed over the years, and opening boxes we never opened since our last move and sifting through to see if the contents still match the people we are today. Tonight I am putting any and all remaining CDs into one book, and I came across two that I apparently never took out of their outer wrapping.
I held the two jewel cases in awe, not missing the irony in that I had listened to High Fidelity on in the background as I packed for the last few hours. As I instinctively slid my nail under the sticker I expected to feel nostalgia for days gone by, remnants of a teenager who no longer exists…
But f*#%cking jewel cases are just as shitty to open as they ever were. Ten minutes and semi-permanent stickiness under my nails to throw away a crappy jewel case that isn’t even recyclable. Goodbye forever 90s era crap see you never.


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