The State of the State of Virginia, Among Others

August 13, 2017 § Leave a comment

As native(ish) Marylanders, Mr. B and I have a natural distrust and hatred for the state of Virginia. However, due to the fact that I don’t fly well and intellectually we know better than to hate a whole state just because the football team of our alma mater play(ed) the football teams of its resident universities, Mr. B and I honeymooned near Charlottesville. It was wine country, and it was beautiful. The chef and co-owner of the B&B we stayed in was Israeli and he regaled us with stories of his travels and how he came to his particular multi-cultural style of cooking. His son drove us around Nelson county from winery to winery, the proceeds of this business going to music education in local public schools. It rained, and it was a 4 hour drive our home, but it was our honeymoon and therefore it was perfect.

We didn’t go to Monticello. It rained the day we had planned on visiting, but I didn’t mind. We had a picnic on the porch of the B&B and listened to the rain, which was so much better. Better because I got to spend that time alone with my new husband, eating local cheeses and watching the rain pelt the rolling green landscape, and better because Fuck Thomas Jefferson.

Fuck Thomas Jefferson and his legacy of white supremacy and violence and rape. Fuck “all men are created equal,” which translates too well to “all lives matter.” Fuck that ugly side of America’s history, and present, that is brushed aside, excused, or worst of all, celebrated. Fuck every single one of the bottom feeders, the homegrown terrorists who marched and hurt and killed in Charlottesville this week.

I’m angry and heartbroken but not surprised. Never surprised. I once was that White and Sweet-Natured Liberal who got teased for turning red and getting visibly upset (though not saying anything; never saying anything) when other Whites said the shitty things that White people say to each other behind closed doors. I have since learned to be less sweet-natured. It has closed many doors of communication in recent years, but honestly, fuck those doors.

I am good at communicating. I am very good at finding common ground among people with whom I disagree. I am very, very good at empathizing, and seeing kernels of good in otherwise crappy individuals. But some people don’t deserve saving; they can save themselves or drown. Rain is cleansing, and cool, and life-giving, and deadly.

I hope they save themselves. But if they don’t, I hope they drown.



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