Hi. I’m B(ee). I have a social media addiction. I’ve had many blogs in the past, but not recently, or very near recently. (Including this one.) I’m an artist, specifically a costume designer because everyone always asks what kind they never just let me be “an artist.” I’m married to the man who once was the boy who set me up with my senior year prom date.

I live in Maryland, which is a state that most people don’t care about, and therefore its inhabitants are really hardcore about being from it. Mr. B and I have cats together and we bring them into regular conversation probably too much. I talk too much and often about mundane things or by starting in the middle or at the end of a long thought. I’m on the short side of normal height, and have a lot of freckles for a non-redhead.

After starting this blog, but before restarting it, I quit my day job to be in the arts full time, which still means having a day job just not one that makes me hate everyone and everything, and also I’m a lot more broke.

I’ll never state exactly who I am or who I’m working for or what I’m doing, but you could probably guess pretty easily.

These are my cats; one is the fat one and one is the fluffy one:



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